Tenuta Setten

The company

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The Setten farm

The company, located in the small hamlet of Basalghelle di Mansuè, was born in the Venetian plain a few kilometers from Venice and the Dolomites, in an optimal geographical position for the cultivation of vines, present in these lands since 1200.

The emblem

The "Tenuta Setten" emblem expresses the values of the Setten family and the essence of the product: the "sun", source of life and symbol of continuity, and the "lion of the Republic of Venice" which recalls fidelity to the origins, tradition. «Setten» derives from «Setin», a nickname attributed in 1400 to a Venetian merchant of precious oriental silks.


The Setten philosophy

Safeguarding the environment, respecting and protecting the vineyards, the company’s treasure and heritage, are essential values. The residual wood from pruning is also recovered and reused for energy purposes. Keeping the company at the forefront with the use of the most modern technologies is one of our main objectives. Every year we invest in the purchase of new equipment and machinery, in the adaptation and improvement of agricultural infrastructures and, last but not least, in occupational safety.
Since 1998 the company has been certified Uni EN Iso 9001 and since 2010 it has also been equipped with a 190 Kw photovoltaic system used for self-consumption.

How it started

In the mid-1700s a branch of the Setten settled in Mansuè, dedicating themselves for generations to agriculture in the lands of Cornarè and Basalghelle.

In 1960 Davide Alcide Setten, inheriting his passion for viticulture from his paternal grandfather, extended the family’s possessions and the number of vineyards.

The Villa

In the 1970s, he bought the eighteenth-century villa with annexes and land from the Parpinelli family in Basalghelle. The manor house was immediately renovated and, in the following years, all the adjoining areas underwent a skilful redevelopment, becoming the current location of the wine business. The 250 hectares of annexed land are planted with vines and located in Mansuè, Oderzo and Gorgo al Monticano, in the province of Treviso. The harvested grapes are used for the production of high quality wines with the “Tenuta Setten” and “Villa Aganoor” brands. 140 hectares are cultivated with arable land, used to service a biogas plant.

The new growth

In 2005 “Ca ‘Ronesca” was purchased, a winery with 100 hectares in Dolegna del Collio and Ipplis, in eastern Friuli on the border with Slovenia, where the “wines of Collio” and “Colli Orientali” are produced, renowned in all over the world, with the “Ca ‘Ronesca” brand.
A further 90 hectares were purchased in the province of Grosseto, in the Tuscan Maremma, in the development phase for the establishment of new native vine plants.

A jump into the past

The Setten story

technology and innovation

The Cellar

Obtained from the renovation of the adjoining areas of the main villa, once used as a cellar and granary, it is an authentic technological and oenological jewel, with state-of-the-art equipment and tools for the activities of receiving grapes, vinification and aging in wooden barrels.


The Tanks

These processes allow to obtain wines of great character and extraordinary finesse, thanks to the particularity of the land suited to viticulture and to the passion and experience of those who cultivate them.

Currently the cellar, equipped with modern thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks, has a capacity of 40,000 hectoliters .


The structures

In 2006 an underground cellar of 1400 square meters was built with an overhanging warehouse of 1200 square meters for the storage of bottles.

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